Projects 2006 – 2007

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Adaptive Frameless Rendering

This semester I am taking an independent study course with Dr. Watson. With a former student, Abhinav Dayal, and several others, they developed an adaptive frameless rendering system.

Currently I am reading various papers on the system and the framework they implemented it in, Manta (an interactive ray tracing system). Soon I will be re-running some tests on the current implementation.

Later I may be involved in work to implement their system in the current version of Manta.


CSC 116 Course Evaluation

NC State University is teaching the introductory Java class in two different styles. The first is the traditional large lecture with 150-200 students with lab work separate from lecture. The second is a smaller class size of about 30 students with integrated lab work.

We would like to determine which of these styles is better for our students. Students are given an attitude survey before and after the course and seed questions are inserted into each of their exams. These questions should determine if the students are meeting our learning outcomes. Abbie and Rachael will be working together to come up with, grade, and analyze the seed questions. As well, they will analyze the results of the attitude surveys.

This project was started in Spring 2006 and continues this semester as a pilot study. While they will be collecting valuable data, these semesters are also useful for creating solid instruments for analysis. Afterwards, these instruments can be applied to future semesters.


Generic Project

No description available.

Note-Taking & Lecture-Building Web Application

The purpose of a note-taking and lecture-building web application is to coordinate the transfer of knowledge between the instructor and students.

By integrating the note-taking activity with the lecturing resources, the instructor can take advantage of a descriptive assessment of the students' progress and the students benefit by having access to instructive resources within an exploratory interface as well as being able to collaborate with other students when developing an understanding of the course material.



Satchel (A remote paired programming plugin modification for Eclipse)


STARS Administration

Project for STARS administrators.
  • Laurie Williams (Faculty Advisor, Dissemination Coordinator, and Pair Programming)
  • Mladen Vouk (Faculty advisory and Regional STARS Coordinator)
  • Kristy Boyer (NC State STARS Academic Liaison and STARS Alliance Steering Committee Member)

The Future of Gaming

The Future of Gaming Podcast will be a monthly production interviewing researchers and video game industry veterans about the evolution of games over the next 5 to 10 years.

The STARS team will assist in all aspects of the production of the podcast, including technical assistance, interview design, website creation, and sound editing.


Web Development