Spring Semester
posted on Oct. 22, 2012, 3:05 p.m. by Joseph Wiggins


In the upcoming semester I am most interested in taking CSC 411, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
The course catalog has the following to say about it:
Overview and definitions of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Search, including depth-first and breadth-first techniques with backtracking. Knowledge representation with emphasis on logical methods, Horn databases, resolution, quantification, unification, skolemization and control issues; non-monotonic reasoning; frames; semantic nets. AI systems, including planning, learning, natural language and expert systems. An AI programming language may be taught at the instructor's discretion.

Ever since I came to State I have had my eye on this class. As a child I had a fascination with the brain and often tried to work out how you could recreate intelligence. I found it a very taxing task and gave up but never stopped thinking it would be an awesome subject to study. In my college career I have done some work with natural language processing and have done various readings on learning.


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