Keys to Success
posted on Sept. 28, 2012, 10:48 p.m. by Joseph Wiggins


My keys to success are being very ambitious and always trying to do a little more than I had before. I like the rush of pushing my limits and trying to improve myself, whether it be physical, like learning a new sport, or mental, like researching a topic that sparks my interest. I also believe that having relaxation time is important to staying on tasks for long periods of time. I like to doodle or watch something comedic on TV.
My advice to future computer scientists is to step out of their comfort zone. A problem that I have had is that I am sometimes afraid to put myself out there and that comes back to bite me. We should never be afraid to get involved with other students or extra circular activities that will expand our knowledge and help us network. The connections you make now will help you in the future.


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