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I'm a double-major in Computer Science and Creative Writing, hoping to combine the two into educational video game design.
Reading, writing, swimming, juggling, playing video games, participating in National Novel Writing Month, writing Humans versus Zombies missions.

The Road Not Taken

September 27, 2012

When asked about the keys to success, most people mention things like diligence, intelligence, and the ability to make connections with other people. There are hundreds upon hundreds of books and articles on the topic of becoming successful, with most of them saying things that everyone knows, but nobody wants ...


September 14, 2012

This is my first year in STARS, and I'm pretty excited to be a part of the program. This year, I'll be working on tutoring outreach through the SPARCS program. I'm getting to go out and play with Lego Mindstorms and Gamemaker, and also work with middle ...