Returning to Co-op!
posted on Oct. 30, 2013, 3:45 p.m. by Kathleen Wassell

Tags: Spring Class

Now that the NCSU enrollment window has opened, everyone has next semester on their minds. While I don't quite feel like it's the time to worry about that (I've still got 6 weeks before finals, dangit!), I have nevertheless already registered for classes.

Well, class. I'm hopping into a "Building Game AI" class that's being offered in the evening. For a full-time student, the course time is a little ridiculous, since it doesn't even start until after 5pm.

But, as I shall be returning to Oracle for my third co-op rotation (Whoo! co-op!), it's actually a wonderfully convenient time. I'll skip out at 4, wade through I-40 traffic, and arrive on Centennial campus with probably five whole minutes to spare before class. (Yaaay traffic...)

I'm looking forward to the co-op rotation, where I can head back into industry and see how my coworkers have fared this last semester. I was getting to play with some pretty sweet automated test mechanisms before I left for this whole education bit, and I'm looking forward to picking those back up again.

...I'm also looking forward to (relatively) homework-free weekends. I seem to remember having those when I was working full-time.


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