posted on Sept. 24, 2013, 6:38 p.m. by Kathleen Wassell
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Hello all!

It's time for another fun and exciting year of reminding Veronica to assign blog posts!

This semester, I'm back from my co-op rotation at Tekelec-now-Oracle, and I'm busier than ever trying to take on software engineering. (If you feel the need to pity, this is our course project). I'm also taking all sorts of other classes for both majors, and it's pretty hectic jumping between engineering campus and main campus all the time.

However, I am learning how to swear in Shakespearean English, so that is a plus (pribbling beef-witted foot-lickers beware!).

For this semester, the short-term goal is to survive Software Engineering, which is basically a full-time job. I'm also trying to push some changes through the survey-taking and teaching parts of our SPARCS program, so we can provide the students with lessons that fit their skill levels and then get results that tangibly show where we can improve. While I'm at it, I also should be doing research and working toward a paper for EDM or ITS, but that's suffering a tad bit as I try to balance everything else on my plate. Long-term goal is to fill out my application to go back to Oracle in the spring, go back, get lots of awesome job experience, and become the best software tester ever.

...and then become a hermit in a treehouse on a mountain, and go down my own personal zipline whenever I need to go into town, but that's seriously long-term.

Obstacles this semester are pretty much just time management. So long as I get seriously skilled at balancing things, I'll be fine.

Speaking of which, it's probably time to go and get back to my Victorian Era homework...


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