Computing in Third World Countries
posted on Nov. 6, 2012, 2:45 p.m. by Joseph Sankar


Reading about how Ethiopian children have learned on their own how to operate and even hack into OLPC-issued tablets surprised me. The fact that children who had never before been exposed to these laptops were able to power them on, use them, and change settings that were not meant to be changed shows how quickly they can learn and act on their intuitions.

Teaching computing to third-world countries is important as it gives third-world populations the opportunity to obtain some form of education. A good knowledge of computing is necessary in today's world society. And while I also believe that providing good food, water, and electricity is also necessary, computing can open new doors for these populations.

Computer outreach programs are important, especially to young children and those who can take these skills and make a better life for themselves. This article has taught me that everyone is capable of becoming technologically experienced, no matter the age or social status.


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