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This text box says "blurb" on the side. What's a blurb? Let me Google it.... Oh, it's those things they have on the back of books and movies. Am I supposed to write a blurb about me? Well, here goes....

In a world where video games have become a new medium for creative work, one man will harness their infinite potential to build a better educational system for the future. Fernando Rodríguez (as himself) must face the dangers of graduate classes, paper publications, and dissertations in order to save education from the jaws of boredom.

If anyone would like to add reviews about my blurb, I can quote you and make it look more awesome, like this:
"A must-see! Fernando truly embodies the spirit of himself throughout the whole thing" - Fernando

(If none of the above made any sense, here's the plain English version: I'm a Computer Science Ph.D. student at NC State, and I am interested in learning through video games and how we can make education more fun using games).

Mayagüez, PR
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