New Year's Post
posted on Sept. 19, 2012, 8:41 p.m. by Erick Gallegos

Tags: summer, goals, school, GRE

Happy New Year!

So this semester I will be doing several things. Mostly I'll be working with SPARCs DNS and CSC 116 (introduction to java) tutoring.

This year I am a senior at NC State university. I am working on my computer science undergraduate degree. I currently reside on the border of Cary and Raleigh. I work at RerverbNation in Durham. It's an awesome job and I do something that I love.

My expectations of this year are to work hard and really just to learn. I tend to learn the most when I'm busy and I plan on being this semester. I also plan to be a good tutor by being patient and thorough in my explanations. With SPARCs I have the expectation that I might not be the greatest kid person but I will definitely be a positive influence in computer science.

I don't really believe in milestones. I believe they do two things. They cap your potential or the stress you our when they aren't going to be met. This is how I plan on measuring success. If the 116 students, SPARCs students, and I learn and have fun then I will consider this a success.

The coolest thing I did this summer was see some friends get married. It was a pretty cool experience.


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