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I like sport, guitar, and bible study.

The final semester

October 23, 2012

So next semester is my final semester here at State. I love it here. I'm sad to leave but I'm also tired of homework. Next semester I'm pretty pumped to be taking senior design. I think one of the greatest things about senior design will be the ...

Keys to Success

September 29, 2012

I think the biggest key to success in computer science is to plan ahead. Whenever you start things at the last moment in computer science, it is a recipe for disaster. My worst grades are made when i start a programming assignment the night before or day before it's ...

New Year's Post

September 19, 2012

Happy New Year! So this semester I will be doing several things. Mostly I'll be working with SPARCs DNS and CSC 116 (introduction to java) tutoring. This year I am a senior at NC State university. I am working on my computer science undergraduate degree. I currently reside on ...