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My original interest in returning to school for Computer Science Engineering was spawned from bit boards and artificial intelligence in games like backgammon and chess. I have since had the opportunity to develop analytic programs using scipy, numpy, R, and matplotlib. Along with analytics my curiosity for optimization algorithms has led me to studying linear programming of which I would like to learn more.
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Spring Semester

October 29, 2013

I am very excited for the coming Spring Semester since I have the chance to take a couple special topic courses. I am particularly excited about Graph Theory and Computational Modeling of BioMolecular Science. The modeling course strongly relates to my current research at the RiboLab with Dr. Bitzer. We ...


November 9, 2012

After learning about One Laptop Per Child and reading "Given Tablets But No Teachers, Ethiopian Kids Teach Themselves" I was impressed at the resourcefulness of the children. I think the ingenuity and creativity in teaching yourself is something that is commonly undervalued. The utility and implementation of technology is commonly ...

Spring Classes

October 21, 2012

I'm most excited about my math probability class that I am signed up for this coming spring. The class is a combination of statistics and discrete math. Such a class pairs very well for software modelling and coding analytics. I hope that the course will enhance my understanding of ...

Defining Success

September 27, 2012

The key to my own success in computer science has been my ability to self evaluate my work. There have been times when I've coded a project and although it received a good grade I knew it wasn't my best work. On the other hand there have been ...

Current Projects

September 5, 2012

I'm currently working at the OSCAR lab where we are developing a analytic engine for data mining and analysis. Something very interesting and new to me is the chemistry involved in the analysis of water. I have been studying the Nernst Equation as well as other chemical dosing equations ...