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I'm a senior in computer science and biomedical engineering. I am interested in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and brain-computer interfaces. I plan to attend graduate school to study ubiquitous computing and find new ways to blend technology with everyday life.
AI, Python, computer vision, ubiquitous computing, BCIs, neuroscience, philosophy, fencing, photography

Back to school

October 3, 2013

As I enter my senior year, I am faced with different challenges and responsibilities than in previous years. My most significant time commitment this semester is my senior design course for biomedical engineering. During the fall semester, we are shadowing in the ICU to conduct a needs assessment and identify ...

OLPC Experiment

November 10, 2012

This article gives an inspiring account of how a shipment of tablets have set the local children on a path toward literacy. The OLPC project has traditionally delivered rugged laptops to children and schools in developing countries. This endeavor, however, is a completely new approach. While I am a huge ...

Spring Courses

October 23, 2012

Next semester I'll be taking mostly courses in the Biomedical Engineering department. Of these, I am most excited about Biomedical Signal Processing. This course investigates sampling theory and will be most useful in my future work in the field of biomedical instrumentation. Hopefully, my background in computer science will ...

Keys to Success

September 29, 2012

This post is a response to an article titled 9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People by Jeff Haden. I agree with most of the suggestions proposed here. I particularly like the first two points. We do have a tendency to make things take the amount of time allotted. I have ...

New Year's Blog

September 16, 2012

This semester will be my busiest to date. I have a lot on my plate on the academic, research, and extracurricular fronts. At a high level, I hope to use this semester to start setting my post-graduation goals. I only have two years left here at State and soon I ...