Trevor Brennan's Blog

Hello, I'm at junior progress towards a BS - Computer Science.

I do Undergraduate Research with Drew Hicks on the

I work am between rotation for a co-op at Oracle.

I am President of Campus Games.
Games - Humans Vs. Zombies, Video Games, Board Games Science. Volunteering.

My Keys to Success

September 28, 2012

Hello, My biggest key to success is to think inside the inverted box (or for normal people, to think outside the box). By looking at things from different perspectives, you can see things that others may have missed and thereby stand out. Another good thing to do to succeed is ...

This Year++ //

September 14, 2012

Hello, I am working on the Beadloom project with Acey Boyce. I also will be working with SPARCS@CCMMS on the Circuits and Lego MindStorm projects. My high Level goals for this semester are to gain experience and guidance to help in furthering my capability as a computer scientist while ...