Promoting Hour of Code… With a 3DS?
posted on Dec. 9, 2013, 9:50 a.m. by Trevor Brennan


Leading up to hour of code, I have changed my greeting on my 3DS to say “Try Hour of Code”. With the 3DS, if you walk by someone else with a 3DS, it will send your avatar, or Mii, to their 3DS to deliver the greeting. By changing my greeting to “Try Hour of Code” I am hoping that when I pass people in the computer science department that are using their 3DS that it will remind them of Hour of Code and get them thinking about it more. For those that are not in computer science and do not already know what Hour of Code is, they might be inclined to google what my greeting means. While that would be less likely than the first, it could happen, and the people that are using a 3DS already have a liking for technology in one sense, making it easier for them to take a leap into the developer side of computing.


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