So much to do, so little time
posted on Dec. 8, 2013, 11:59 p.m. by Trevor Brennan


This will probably be my busiest semester yet
My Goals are:

  • Passing all my classes

  • Not dying in CSC326 Software Engineering.

  • Winning the competition for best project in Software Engineering

  • Writing an interesting story for my ENG228 Fiction Writing class

  • Figureing out just what I'll be learning in CSC461 Computer Graphics

  • Learning about the how people thing in PSY420 Cognative Processes

  • Getting a deeper understanding of the time of what was what was going on in around the time the bible was first being written in REL311 Intro to the Old Testament

  • Learning about developing research question and designing tools to test them

  • Helping out with Sparcs sessions to teach kids about how awesome computing is

  • Organizing several campus wide games (like Capture the Flag or Dodge Ball)to get introverted students out and having fun

  • Being an active member of the Knights of Columbus and attending at least one meeting a month

  • Maintaining a part time job to help pay for college

  • Going to two weddings for some of my friends

  • Finding a better place to live next year

  • Sleeping

Time is not going to be on my side this semester, but hopefully I can get through it!


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