Keys to Success
posted on Sept. 28, 2012, 10:57 p.m. by Kamar Galloway

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My key to success is to simply be honest with myself. I try not to make excuses for what I did but understand why I made those decisions and move forward from there. By no means is this mental Q and A session an easy task, but it helps me stay grounded and always put forth my best effort. Recently a friend of mine told me that there key to success is to simply access how much time a task might take and immediately begin working towards that goal. There is no need for anyone to immediately feel overwhelmed when only time sits between receiving a task and it being completed. Now I know that seems trivial but it is essential not to procrastinate since time is the one thing no one can save or get back. As far as advice is concerned, I would suggest all computer scientists to find a group of people who genuinely love to learn because the thirst for knowledge is something you can lean on even when you experience heartaches. There is something positive in everything you do, which includes dreadful programming assignments, spending hours debugging your code, etc. It is in these moments when your will is tested that separates those striving for success and being a success or inspiration to others.


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