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A native of the Virgin Islands, KaMar Galloway is a fifth year senior majoring in Computer Science with research interests in Human Computer Interaction and Augmented Reality at North Carolina State University. His extracurricular activities include serving as an inaugural Computer Science Ambassador and Team-Lead as part of NCSU STARS middle school outreach initiative. He also enjoys being a Chancellor's Aide where he assists the University’s charitable donors and guests at major sporting events. In his spare time, KaMar listens to a variety of music genres such as hip-hop, r&b, and reggae. Upon graduation, Mr. Galloway plans on furthering his education at a research based institution with hopes of obtaining his Ph.D. in Human Center Computing. It is his dream to someday combine his passion for sports, music, and technology to reinvent the way athletes and performers interact with their fans during live events.
-extreme sports
-playing madden
-reading technology blogs
-digital photography

Third World Problems

November 7, 2012

I actually like the fact that the OLPC is dropping off tablets to third world countries without formal instructions because its forces developers to make more intuitive products. With the revolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, computers should take into account users of different levels of expertise. Mobile devices ...

My Last Enrollment

October 21, 2012

So I just realized that this is my last (fingers crossed) time registering for classes and rightfully so! I am a fifth year senior whose been through many enrollment periods that included Basic Photography, 2-D Design, Marketing, SolidWorks, etc. It is without question that I've taken almost every class ...

Keys to Success

September 28, 2012

My key to success is to simply be honest with myself. I try not to make excuses for what I did but understand why I made those decisions and move forward from there. By no means is this mental Q and A session an easy task, but it helps me ...

New Year's Blog

September 20, 2012

I am really excited about this school year since I now have a year of coordinating the SPARCS@DNS middle school outreach initiative under my belt. It's been a great ride so far as the program has really grown throughout the last several years. I am most excited about ...

Patent Wars

November 28, 2011

I believe that in today's digital age, a sense of entitlement is needed to protect your ideas and inventions. However, the recent trend to sue competitors over claims that they stole intellectual property has halted innovation. As it relates to software, tech companies should focus on selling the rights ...