Busy Fall and that close to Spring 2014 (already!)
posted on Nov. 16, 2013, 5:34 p.m. by Padmashree Ravindra


It's already November and am not quite sure what happened after Summer! I had a great Summer internship at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center...enjoyed working on a new research project and meeting interns from all over the world. I got back in August and had to right away jump into some "pending" tasks (yes! some of them were pending because of my procrastination skills) and some submissions. Couple that with some other volunteering activities, and it was already mid-October!

USCRI outreach: This semester we could not schedule the computer literacy classes for refugees! USCRI had some internal issues wrt. staff and funding, and did not have the manpower to get their clients to classes. I hope we can resume classes in Spring 2014!

Spring 2014: It is going to be another busy semester for sure! For one, Spring will be filled with deadlines since I am hoping to graduate in the Summer....all the fun with thesis documentation, (hopefully happy) conference notifications, and exciting conference travels, while I send out my job applications and polish my future research agenda. I am excited to see how the semester unfolds (both professionally and personally)!


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