Exciting Classes
posted on Oct. 24, 2012, 12:03 p.m. by Veronica Catete

Tags: Spring Class

It's that time of year again, students rush to sign up for classes to fulfill their various csc requirements. As a graduate student with mystery course being transferred over from UNC Charlotte, my actual course requirements are unknown to me. So I have been filling my schedule with courses that seem interesting to me. Among those is Dr. Roberts Game AI course, and Dr. Lester's Intelligent GBLE course.

I took Dr. Lester's class as an undergraduate and thought it was super exciting. For those interested the course is CSC 591, Intelligent Game Based Learning Environments. I enjoyed the class so much as an undergrad, I've decided to take the course again, possibly audit.

My favorite aspect of this course is that it is highly correlated to my research in educational video games. In this course we cover different tutoring concepts as well as concepts of flow and engagement in games. Additionally, by the time we finished the course we had developed a pretty decent game that incorporated numerous features of igble.

Looking back on my undergraduate career, I would recommend students to go ahead and take classes that are interesting to them, even if they don't apply for a requirement credit. I took American Literature II and found it very rewarding. Same thing with yoga & self-defense. taking something just for fun is a good way to relieve stress.


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