STARS Mid Semester Update
posted on Oct. 30, 2010, 4:39 p.m. by Veronica Catete


This semester my STARS activities include Research and SPARCS.

I am doing research with the Intellimedia lab on Crystal Island stuff. My current project is implementing logging for a new pressure sensor chair that will be used in upcoming test studies on ~250 8th graders. Together with Jen Sabourin we developed a sensor filled cushion that detects how a person is seated. It detects if they are leaning forward, leaning back, to the left or to the right. It has 6 different force sensors and 2 IR sensors. We had a logistics meeting with others involved in running the test study last week, and think we might need ~ 30 of these seats sewn together. After piggy backing my log script to the current CI log system, I will hook up the new social network to be implemented in CI. The players will be able to update their status with an emoticon that corresponds to a core emotion, as well as a text update. These emoticons are in efforts to replace annoying self-reports.

My second project is SPARCS @ CCMMS. This year we are adding 2 new sessions game design and circuits. I will be in charge of running the game design session with David in 2 weeks. We will also talk about the presidential video game challenge for middle schoolers. It offers huge prizes to middle school students who develop a game using scratch or game maker. GameMaker is the tool we will be using to make games with. It has an intuitive GUI based programming area where students can customize their own creations and save them to take home with them to play later. The week following I will be teaching web-design with Omar. Ideally we will be switching from html, to more modern css.

I have also been frequently tapped to be a computer science ambassador, where I go and talk with new students about opportunities in computer science involving research and other activities. Overall, my final semester as a NC State STARS member has been good. Plus we have two sets of twin girls in SPARCS this year which is super awesome ^o^


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