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posted on Nov. 18, 2009, 8:30 p.m. by Veronica Catete


So one of my projects is SPARCS Classic, where we go to CCMS and work with the kids there. I think many of the children really enjoy learning about CSC. I've been told that half our girls & about a third of our minorities dropped out since the first session we had. But I am not sure if this is just a fluke or something that will remain. The goal of our project is to reach out to young children to help promote CSC. Ideally we would be reaching more minorities, women. However, we do have a couple kids with disabilities in our group so that's good. This project is ongoing, and we have another session this upcoming Saturday. We are looking at a turnout between 12 and 18 kids, and will be doing the second Alice session which, in the past, has caused issues, but hopefully will not occur this time.

My other project is research, but first I am getting FACS certified. FACS stands for the Facial Action Coding System, and we use it in conjunction with Crystal Island and identifying how emotions come into play when learning through the game. Working with Jen, I have gone through and reviewed all of the upper lower and miscellaneous facial actions, and just have to take the final examination, which I will do at the beginning of December. Word is that the exam is difficult, but we get really good feedback with our test results so that is nice. I am not quite solid on what research I will be doing with this next semester, but the outlook is good.


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