Veronica Catete's Blog

I'm a second year PhD student at NCSU, where I also got my bachelors. I recieved my Masters from UNCC in summer 2012. This is my 5th year participating in the SPARCS program, and second year as a coordinator. My research interest lies somewhere in educational video games and helping students learn in ways that are both fun & engaging for them (hopefully this semester I can narrow that down).
Educational Video Games, Gaming Research, Child Outreach, Relay 4 Life (CCA)

Exciting Classes

October 24, 2012

It's that time of year again, students rush to sign up for classes to fulfill their various csc requirements. As a graduate student with mystery course being transferred over from UNC Charlotte, my actual course requirements are unknown to me. So I have been filling my schedule with courses ...

New Year's Blog

September 27, 2012

So better late than never. This year I will be working on the SPARCS @ CCMMS project, the CS Principles project, and leading the STARS program with Robinson. This is my 5th year on the SPARCS project and I'm excited for some of the new activities we'r rolling out ...

STARS Mid Semester Update

October 30, 2010

This semester my STARS activities include Research and SPARCS. I am doing research with the Intellimedia lab on Crystal Island stuff. My current project is implementing logging for a new pressure sensor chair that will be used in upcoming test studies on ~250 8th graders. Together with Jen Sabourin we ...

§Pâ|2(s & fá©$

November 18, 2009

So one of my projects is SPARCS Classic, where we go to CCMS and work with the kids there. I think many of the children really enjoy learning about CSC. I've been told that half our girls & about a third of our minorities dropped out since the first session ...

Broadening Participation in Computing

October 10, 2009

To me, broadening participation in computing means to get more people interested and involved in the computing fields. I think that there has been a serious lack in promotions for computer science and other related fields. It is a great idea to get outreach to younger students and get them ...