Graduation and the future
posted on Nov. 9, 2012, 4:44 p.m. by Omar Estrella


(Note: this blog post is rather late, but better late than never!)

Real life is coming very fast for me. Im in the final home stretch. I have 3-4 weeks until final exams and then another week until graduation. After that, I will be working at Rally Software here in downtown Raleigh. Time flies by and it has been an awesome 4 years here at State and in the CSC program and I'd like to chronicle the best and best-in-a-weird-way classes that I have taken.

There have been some ups and downs in terms of classes, but like everyone here, I have my favorites. The best class I have taken here was a CSC495 special topics course taught by Marshall Brain, who is now in charge of the EEP here at State. It was an introduction to entrepreneurship and its place here in the Triangle. For those who don't know (I didn't before I took this class), the entrepreneurship community in this area is booming. Startups are popping up left and right, getting funding, and becoming full-fledged companies all within the confines of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It is great! Marshall introduced us to entrepreneurs, CEOs, venture capitalists, and angel investors. They came to our class as guest speakers (mostly once a week, but sometimes twice) and exposed us to the world that is entrepreneurship. If Marshall teaches another class, I suggest that every student still here, undergraduate or graduate, takes it. You'll come out better for it.

My time here hasn't always been as fun as it was in CSC495, though. I decided to take CSC481, the first of two game design classes. I am not cut out to be a professional game developer. I do not think like a game developer, I do not program like a game developer. I am a web developer through and through. If I see a problem, it can be solved with the web. Build a game? Sure, Ill do it in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Build a game engine? Sure, Ill do it in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Need a client/server architecture? Javascript to the rescue. That being said, I am glad I took CSC481. The class made you work hard, but you felt accomplished at the end of it all. You learn some amazing concepts and bring in different areas of knowledge. From memory/asset management and lifecycle, to networking - you do it all in CSC481. I'd recommend this class to anyone that is up for a challenge.

To end this long-winded post, I leave you with this: take an accounting class! It's more important than half of the CSC classes you end up taking!


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