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I am a senior and am getting my degree in Computer Science. When I'm not spending my time programming, you can find me hanging out with friends, exploring Raleigh and the Triangle, or cooking. I am a pretty outgoing person and I like meeting new people.
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Children are geniuses in disguise

November 9, 2012

(Response to: Given Tablets But No Teachers, Ethiopian Kids Teach Themselves on Mashable) OLPC is doing something amazing: exposing children that typically would never see a computer in their life to computing. More recently, they gave tablet computers to Ethiopian children without any sort of instruction on their use. What ...

Graduation and the future

November 9, 2012

(Note: this blog post is rather late, but better late than never!) Real life is coming very fast for me. Im in the final home stretch. I have 3-4 weeks until final exams and then another week until graduation. After that, I will be working at Rally Software here in ...

Keys to Success

September 30, 2012

For this weeks blog post, we were told to respond to "9 Beliefs of Remarkably Successful People" and impart wisdom/advice to future computer science students. The article provided nine different keys to success in life/business/career/etc., but three really stood out to me. The first important point ...

The Beginning of the End

September 15, 2012

Its that time of year again, where all the new and returning STARS projects are scrambling to get together. I am excited to be participating in SPARCS@CCMMS again for this new academic year as well as continuing to work on new features and bug fixes for the website with ...

What is Oregon Trail?

October 16, 2011

I dont exactly remember the first time I used a computer, but I do remember the old Apple computers in my 4th grade classroom. Programs were started from 5 inch floppies. The entire class shared two computers. One day, our teacher gave us two floppy disks with Oregon Trail on ...