Motivation AnyOne?
posted on Sept. 10, 2009, 11:10 p.m. by Rob Udechukwu


For some reason, I found it difficult to answer, so I posed the question on one of my friends. What she said came off as more like a poem, but I think it is worth stating.

For a car to be driven, it needs fuel, stable mechanics and a somewhat skilled driver. A car is like my motivation. My fuel is the desire to succeed, the fear of failure and hope to achieve the goals that I set before me. The stable mechanics are my thirst for knowledge, because without knowledge of what I want to achieve their is no fuel to drive me. The somewhat skilled driver is me. With my knowledge and my fuel I know that I can go the distance. The distance is the goal, my success, my goal achieved.

I think this is true for everyone, at least everyone should be able to find a similarity with it.


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