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I live in Durham, NC. I am currently a PhD student in computer science at NC State University. I have three children, 19, 17' and 6.
computers, bowling, tennis, travel (cruising)

New Year's Blog

September 26, 2012

I am working on developing a program for a local Durham charter school desiring a program to show a variety of technology to K-8 students. I am also in contact with high schools (still) concerning dissiminating information concerning STARs and computer science/engineering. Need help with information from STARs. I ...

My First Computer

October 3, 2011

"When was the first time you used a computer? What did you think of computers then, and how has your outlook evolved over time?" I received my first computer for christmas (1981). It was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A and came pre-installed with Basic and tennis, which is the equivalent ...

STARS Reflection April 2011

April 1, 2011

How are your current academic goals developing?I am completing my last core course this semester, so I can focus on research this summer. I had to audit the special topics course for my research due to illness but I am happy that I will be able to complete this ...

STARS Reflection March 2011

March 5, 2011

How are your current academic goals developing?Due to medical issues, I am putting a few weeks of school on hold. I hope to return soon after spring break. My professors are very understanding. How is your STARS project progressing?I am unable to continue with my apprenticeship due to ...

STARS Reflection February 2011

February 23, 2011

How are your current academic goals developing?My currrent academic goals are going well. I have completed 2 projects and 2 exams. How is your STARS project progressing?The STARS project will be Lego Robotics this semester. The curriculum planning is going well. I have not worked with robotics, so ...