Belated keys to success
posted on Oct. 9, 2012, 11:18 p.m. by David Dearmore


I must say that most of my keys to success are cliche at best; however, they are true. It is for this reason that when I was growing up I really didn't like them, but now I couldn't live without them. First and for most, hard work is critical to doing well at whatever you set your mind to. Natural talent helps, but hard work wins out in most cases. The next key is to do what you love and are good out. A combination between hard work and talent is truly amazing and fun to see. It is not until NC state actually that these keys have seemed important to me because before now nothing seemed to be all that important, but they have been growing in magnitude in my own experiences. Computer science is no exception. Sure, you can cruise by on the minimum, but to succeed much must be given.

PS I realize this is late, and I apologize. I thought I had already submitted it.


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