Impending ...
posted on Sept. 14, 2012, 10:52 p.m. by David Dearmore


Welcome to my ramblings about my upcoming year. As the full year is too intimidating for me to think about in a single sitting, I will only be going over half of my year. This semester, I am working on research with Dr Gu. The topic of the research is improving distributed systems and optimizing fault tolerance. For STARS, I am looking forward to helping out with the robotics in Durham. Robotics has always been a personal interest of mine, so I look forward to being able to help kids and have fun at the same time. My high level goals this semester are to get the most out of my classes and survive them. My low level goals this semester are to do well in my computer networking class and get a summer position secured for next year. Once I get through this semester, I can begin to think about next semester.


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