The confusion that is the patent system
posted on Nov. 21, 2011, 2:52 p.m. by David Dearmore


So I believe that very few people would agree that the current patent system is working and good for development. The few that might are the big corporations who currently hold a lot of patents and the money to "defend" them. While I personally believe that open source is the way to go, I understand that from a commercial standpoint, it isn't terribly attractive. I understand that the person that created/designed/invented the new technology deserves the credit for it. However, our patent system is a mess. The patent system that is currently in place was originally created for physical IRL inventions and ideas. That is where the confusion arises when the same patents are applied to virtual inventions and ideas; it just doesn't work well. The entire patent system could use an overhaul to address the issues being exploited and to attempt to join the modern era. If not the entire system, at least the patents with regard to code and other virtual inventions should be redone to account for the changing times, patent trolls and absurd patents. Only when the research front is liberated, will technology be able to move forward uninhibited.


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