9 keys to success.
posted on Oct. 8, 2012, 7:46 p.m. by Juan Bustamante


WOW!. All I ever did for success was 2 things: patience and perseverance. I never realized there were 9 things; maybe that's why I'm not "remarkably successful".

I guess success would be a relative term. I'm I success full right now? says who? under what metrics? Mark Zuckerberg and the neighborhood beggar might might have different opinions. I will not say that I've won every battle, but I'won many, so I guess my key to winning-most-of-your-battles is just hard work, it includes all 9 points described in the articles. The less you do the greater the chance for failure.

To my past self I say: I'd say keep doing what your doing just better.

To other CSC students I'de say take advantage of all your resources. More work is nothing more than another opportunity to learn something new or polish what you already now.


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