The Fall Goals Post
posted on Oct. 2, 2013, 7:39 p.m. by Jonathan Poston


Hi everyone, this is my first semester as a STARS student and I am looking forward to it! This semester I am working as a CO-OP at Oracle/Tekelec in Morrisville. So far my experience has been great. I have learned a lot and I think I'm making a good impression. My STARS project for this semester is the website. We had our first meeting this week which went pretty well. Everyone that was there got their development environment all set up and each of us has our first tasks for the semester, so we are off to a great start!

As far as my goals for the semester I only have a few. One is to finish out this rotation on a good note and hopefully cement some great relationships and contacts at Oracle/Tekelec. Another is to make sure I keep up with everything I need to do and think about as far as school goes while I'm still working. Its a lot easier than you might think to forget about all the deadlines and details when you are working during the school year. My last goal is to hopefully contribute to a few open source projects I have had my eye on. I've been wanting to get more involved on github for a while so hopefully this will be the semester I actually buckle down and get it done!

Looking forward to another great year at good old NC State, Go Pack!


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