The STARS Student Leadership Corps is looking for students to join our ranks and engage in fun mentoring, service, outreach, and research projects. The STARS SLC is also always looking for volunteers or collaborators who are interested in helping with our projects or who can provide SLC students with outreach opportunities.

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How to Become a Member

Members must be an enrolled graduate or undergraduate student at NC State University. Due to our focus on broadening participation in computing, we mainly recruit from computer science and electrical & computer engineering majors. However, we have also accepted students in non-technical majors if they have a strong background and/or interest in computing. There is no specific academic requirement; we encourage all interested students to join.

Note that you must have a valid NC State Unity ID, and be logged in using your Google@NCSU account to access this group. If you would like to join please request membership through the following link:

Potential STARS SLC students

Who Should Apply

The STARS Student Leadership Corps is open to students of North Carolina State University at all academic levels. You don't need to have the highest GPA or standardized test scores. We're looking for students who want to participate in dynamic research, service, outreach, or mentoring projects. In addition to the individual project, STARS students work together on activities that aim to broaden participation in computing and technology.

What STARS Students Get

As a STARS student, you will develop leadership skills, be trained as a mentor, receive personalized mentoring, and get the opportunity to work on an exciting research, service, mentoring, or outreach project of your choice. You will network with students at other colleges nationwide such as Auburn, Florida State, Florida A&M, Georgia Tech, North Carolina A&T, UNC Charlotte. The STARS Alliance has expanded to the national level, so we are working together with dozens of other institutions. As a STARS student, you will expand your opportunities to become a student leader and do good in the community.

What STARS Students Contribute

STARS students work together on group and individual projects aimed at broadening participation in computing. As a member of the STARS Student Leadership Corps, you will also complete an individual research, service, mentoring, or outreach project of your choice over the academic year. You will work with the program coordinator to create your project proposal and finalize it in the beginning of Fall semester.

Volunteers, Collaborators and Outreach partners

The STARS SLC welcomes those who are interested in helping and participating in our projects on a voluntary basis. If you would like to volunteer for STARS activities, please fill out the following sign-up form:
STARS 2015-2016 Volunteer Sign-up Form
To fill out this form, you do not need to be a current NC State student.

We also welcome those who are willing to partner with us for outreach programs, such as K-12 and college faculty and staff. If you are interested in learning more about STARS SLC and the opportunities available to non-student members, please contact Robinson Udechukwu (rnudechu [at] ncsu [dot] edu).