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Next semester: light at the end of the tunnel

Nicole Sands – October 24

Next semester? I haven’t even thought that far ahead... I’m excited for next semester because it’s one semester closer to graduation! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also look forward to more TA and tutoring office hours like this: Shout out to ...

Spring Semester

Garrett Frere – October 29

I am very excited for the coming Spring Semester since I have the chance to take a couple special topic courses. I am particularly excited about Graph Theory and Computational Modeling of BioMolecular Science. The modeling course strongly relates to my current research at the RiboLab with Dr. Bitzer. We ...

Next Semester!!!

Davaris Williams – October 29

Its already that time again for a new semester and I can't wait! Next semester I finally start taking csc restricted electives and can't wait to find my true passion in computer science. I am also looking forward to continuing tutoring next semester. I really enjoy helping others ...

Plans for Spring 2014

Joseph Sankar – October 30

I am both excited about the upcoming Spring 2014 semester. I am excited because I will be beginning taking classes for my Cognitive Science minor as well as continuing learning Hindi-Urdu. Hindi-Urdu has been extremely fun, although challenging, so far. If I choose to travel India to find my ancestral ...

Returning to Co-op!

Kathleen Wassell – October 30

Now that the NCSU enrollment window has opened, everyone has next semester on their minds. While I don't quite feel like it's the time to worry about that (I've still got 6 weeks before finals, dangit!), I have nevertheless already registered for classes. Well, class. I'm ...