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I Will Survive and other personal theme songs

Nicole Sands – October 9

It's Fall Break!! Woo Hoo!! Exactly, Sheldon. I made it this far. Here are my remaining goals for the semester: Short term: survive the rest of the semester complete physical therapy after a motorcycle accident so I can get back to playing roller derby and legally hit people. Can ...

Enjoyed Working with the Sparcs kids

Jonathan Mitchall – October 20

10/19/2013 Given Work, School, and my self imposed project I was reevaluating whether I had over committed myself by volunteering for this program. BUT after participated in my 2nd SPARCS class\event this Saturday, I am so glad I did. The class covered some logistics and focused on ...

There's a next semester? Seriously?

Fernando Rodriguez – October 22

Man, how is it possible for each new semester to have infinitely more stuff to do. I'm so busy, I think I'm almost at the point where there aren't enough hours in a day to even tell me all the stuff I need to do. And you ...

Springing Back Into School

Jonathan Poston – October 23

After a summer and fall on the co-op train its going to be an adjustment going back to school. On top of dealing with all the challenges that come from switching from work to school, I have given myself a wonderful 18 hour semester to look forward too. But I ...

Long title - "What new things are you excited about for next semester"

Narayana Ravikumar – October 23

More than next semester I am excited about the break between semesters because I will be going to my home "INDIA". It is super exciting to think about it. After more than a year of Masters ill finally be going home. After coming back I have only 3 credits to ...