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The Semester of Getting Shtuff Done!

Fernando Rodriguez – September 24

Hey guys! Has it been a year already? Are we doing the start-of-fall-semester "what are your goals?" post again? *Sigh* Well, let me see if anything has changed from last year's post....Oh, that's right. I actually went to PR that summer! Now I'm jealous of my ...


Kathleen Wassell – September 24

Hello all! It's time for another fun and exciting year of reminding Veronica to assign blog posts! This semester, I'm back from my co-op rotation at Tekelec-now-Oracle, and I'm busier than ever trying to take on software engineering. (If you feel the need to pity, this is ...

Falling Into School

Narayana Ravikumar – September 24

This is my first blog as part of STARS, so I am going keep it short and neat. Firstly, things about myself. This is my first time as STARS member and I am in second year master’s student at NC State. You can know more about me at here ...

Hiatus Recovery

Barry Peddycord III – September 27

oh hey look veronica is telling us to blog again I've started my third year in the Ph.D. program this fall, which means I'm past the point where it's acceptable to have no idea what I'm doing. I've finally found a research topic that ...

Goals for the Fall

Andy Smith – September 30

Over the past two semesters, most of my PhD work has focused on development of an iPad app for elementary science learning as well as helping organize some rather large data collections. This semester I hope to hunker down and finally take a long look at the data collected in ...