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Current Projects

Garrett Frere – September 5

I'm currently working at the OSCAR lab where we are developing a analytic engine for data mining and analysis. Something very interesting and new to me is the chemistry involved in the analysis of water. I have been studying the Nernst Equation as well as other chemical dosing equations ...

Happy New Blog!

Fernando Rodriguez – September 7

Hey everybody! How you doin'? This is my first STARS blog (be gentle). This is my second year in the Ph.D. program. So far, classes have been pretty straightforward, but research-related activities have increased exponentially. I am currently an RA for the Engage project, whose goal is to create ...

Oh my gosh it's full of STARS!

Barry Peddycord III – September 9

Hello STARS peoples! This is the first entry of my little corner of the STARS Student Leadership Corps here at NC State, and in order to kick things off, we were asked to write a short paragraph about who we were, what we were doing in STARS, and what we ...

Let's get rolling!

Shrenik Shah – September 10

Yesterday when I was talking with a friend a mine about future plans, I realized that this semester is indeed very important for me. Not only am I graduating in December 2012, but also appearing for GRE in late September, applying for Fellowship in November, applying for Graduate School at ...

New Year's Blog

Joseph Sankar – September 12

This is my first year in STARS, and I am enjoying it so far. I am doing CSC 116 tutoring and USCRI for STARS, as well as a hobby project of mine. My high level goals would be, of course, to make good grades this semester and generally do well ...